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Timeless love update Monday 22 January 2024


Timeless love update Monday 22 January 2024: On this bright Monday morning, Priya warmly greeted Amba ji with a cheerful “good morning” and handed her a cup of coffee, wishing her a peaceful night’s sleep. However, Amba shared that she couldn’t sleep all night. Priya reassured her, saying that the morning would bring positivity, and she handed Amba the newspaper. Meanwhile, Simmy caught Amba’s attention by practicing dancing.

Timeless love update Monday 22 January 2024

Amba inquired about the music, and Priya explained that Simmy was preparing for a charity event organized by Dev and Vidhi for Balghar. Amba, feeling urgency, asked Priya to find out about the attendees to be aware of any potential trouble. She emphasized the need to gather information before taking action, suggesting a cautious approach.

Later, Priya joined Simmy as Vidhi taught a song to the children from Balghar. Priya informed Vidhi about Amba’s plan to gather details and expressed her intent to sabotage it. The scene shifted to Abhi, Satyavati, and Dev, where Priya admitted her role in suggesting the house auction idea to Amba. Abhi, furious, lashed out at Priya, while Satyavati also expressed disappointment. Abhi, holding back his anger for Simmy’s sake, urged Priya to leave.

Vidhi followed Priya, and the two discussed Amba’s plan. Priya revealed that Vidhi had spent all the money on costumes and showed Amba’s visiting card, indicating her determination to stop Vidhi from benefiting.

Back at the charity event preparations, Vidhi taught the kids how to walk the ramp. Chitra arrived, offering to help with the training, and Vidhi accepted the assistance.

Jai called Vidhi, expressing his intention to attend the event and hoping there would be no mother-in-law and daughter-in-law drama. Vidhi welcomed him to check it out.

Dev, upset with Priya, confided in his father’s portrait. Vidhi reassured him, urging him to trust her and Priya as they were on the right path. Later, Vidhi thought about saving Balghar and discussed the event with Dev. In a moment of despair, she visited the Milapni Devi temple, where Hariprasad and Bimla inquired about her troubles. As Milapni Devi dropped a flower, Vidhi found solace in the sign.

Meanwhile, Yogesh informed Amba that, despite being the CEO, he lacked signing authority and couldn’t secure her bail papers. Priya, realizing the potential hindrance, resolved to stop them before Yogesh interfered with Amba’s auction plans.


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