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Timeless love update Tuesday 23 January 2024


Timeless love update Tuesday 23 January 2024: On this eventful Tuesday, Vidhi gathered the kids and instructed them to practice dance moves. Amba expressed her disdain for the person who betrayed her, stating that they don’t even deserve a place in hell. Meanwhile, Priya pondered what to do.

Timeless love update Tuesday 23 January 2024

Yogesh revealed his unsuccessful attempts to secure bail, and Priya vouched for his past helpfulness, urging Amba to give him a chance. Amba agreed, handing Yogesh the tailor’s visiting card and challenging him to prove his loyalty.

Concerned about undelivered dresses, Vidhi called the tailor, who assured her the clothes would arrive by 3 pm. Vidhi reassured Abhi and advised him not to stress. Anirup informed Vidhi that the stage was ready, and she was impressed. Glancing at the participant and guest list, Vidhi discovered Amba’s name and questioned Anirup. He explained he invited everyone he knew. Vidhi, noticing Jai Shah’s name, reconsidered her earlier misunderstanding.

Determined to salvage the event, Vidhi encouraged the kids to give their best performance. As she strategized, a man approached her with a tax notice. Vidhi promised to pay by evening and requested him to keep it confidential.

Dev, claiming a longstanding connection with Balghar, spoke to reporters. Amba, accompanied by Yogesh, asserted her role in charity events. Vidhi suspected Amba’s intentions to spoil the event and resolved to thwart her plans.

The event commenced, and Vidhi thanked the guests, emphasizing the positive impact on the children. Jai’s arrival brought assurance of charity, but Vidhi valued everyone’s time. Yogesh, plotting a small blast, bribed someone to sabotage costumes. Vidhi invited Dev on stage for a prayer, while Yogesh executed his plan in the costume room.

During the prayer, Satyavati discovered the torn dresses. Vidhi, distressed, learned about the sabotage and asked Satyavati not to inform Dev until after the event to avoid adding stress.


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