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Family Agrees to Exhume Mohbad’s Body for Autopsy, K-Solo Reveals


The family of the late Mohbad has reportedly agreed to exhume his body for an autopsy. This development was made public by K Solo, shedding new light on the circumstances surrounding the young artist’s untimely passing.

K Solo took to video to share the unexpected update with the public. In the video, he said, “Okay, quick update guys. Just got off the phone with Mohbad’s dad, and they have agreed that the body should be exhumed today’s midnight or first thing on Tuesday morning.”

The decision to exhume the body for an autopsy demonstrates progress in the commitment to seeking answers and ensuring transparency in this tragic situation.

The music industry and Mohbad’s fans await the results of the autopsy, hoping it will provide clarity and closure regarding the young artist’s passing.