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Duke Dennis Biography: American YouTube Gamer, Age, Family, Siblings And Net Worth


Duke Dennis is a well-known American content creator and YouTube gamer. He gained fame by posting videos about the basketball video game NBA 2K17 on his YouTube channel. His videos have millions of subscribers and have earned him a good amount of money.

Duke Dennis Biography: American YouTube Gamer, Age, Family, Siblings And Net Worth

Dennis is one of the many young people who have benefited from modern technology. Video games, social media, and YouTube have helped him turn his basketball talent into a successful online career. He is currently one of the most popular gamers and YouTubers worldwide.

Profile Summary

Full nameDuke Dennis
Famous asDuke
Date of birth26 February 1994
Age29 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac signPisces
Place of birthGeorgia, Alabama, USA
ResidenceCity Heights, San Diego, California, USA
Siblings2 brothers
Marital statusSingle
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Height6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
Weight80 kg
ProfessionContent creator, gaming YouTuber, entrepreneur
Online contentBasketball video games
YouTube channels3
Years active2013 to present
Net worth$1 million – $5 million
Sources of incomeYouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and online business

Who is Duke Dennis?

Duke is an American gaming YouTuber and content creator.

What is Duke Dennis famous for?

Many people know Dennis for his YouTube gaming content. His first viral video was about NBA 2K17, which brought millions of viewers to his channel. Since then, Duke’s channels and fame have been growing every day.

What is Duke Dennis’ real name?

The YouTuber’s birth name is Dennis. Most fans know him as Duke and assume it’s a nickname.

Where is Duke Dennis from?

Duke Dennis sport

Duke Dennis was born and raised in Georgia, Alabama, USA. That’s his hometown.

How old is Duke Dennis?

As of 2023, Duke Dennis is 29 years old. He is an American national of mixed ethnicity.


Duke was born on 26 February 1994.


Duke’s two younger brothers appeared in a video on his YouTube channel in July 2019. One of them is named Darius.

Where does Duke Dennis live?

Currently, Duke lives in City Heights, San Diego, California. Before this, he lived with one of his brothers in South Carolina, USA.


Yes, Dennis served in the USA army. After completing basic training and AIT, he was deployed to Germany.

YouTube Career

Dennis has always been passionate about basketball since he was a child. He’s an incredible player both on the court and in basketball video games.

Duke Dennis  YouTube Gamer

He started his career as a streamer in 2013 when he created a YouTube channel and began uploading content about basketball simulation video games, specifically NBA 2K.

His first video, “NBA 2K17 dropped 19 on superstar head – best jumpshot in NBA 2K17,” was followed by a second one, “Angry Trash Talker,” which also received a positive reception.

Today, Duke manages three channels, a Twitch account, and also posts videos on TikTok.

Is Duke Dennis a millionaire?

Dennis’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He earns money from YouTube and also sells merchandise on the website Design by Humans.

Duke ‘ main YouTube channel, @DukeDennis864, provides a steady income. It has 1.9 million followers and over 179 million views as of July 2023.

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His second channel, @DukeDennisAMP (created in 2020), has 1.94 million subscribers and more than 106 million views. The third one, @DukeDennisLive (created in 2021), has 626k subscribers and over 65 million views as of July 2023. Brands also pay him to advertise in his videos.

Duke Dennis’ social media presence

You can follow him on these social platforms and YouTube channels:

YouTube channel 1@DukeDennis864
YouTube channel 2@DukeDennisAMP
YouTube channel 3@DukeDennisLive

luxury car

Duke Dennis owns three Jeep Wranglers and even has a Twitter account, @dukedennisjeep, for his cars. He bought the first one, a camo Jeep Wrangler with a D-block interior, in 2017 and gave it to his brother after buying a Jeep Wrangler with a Scat pack engine. He now owns an SRT Jeep Wrangler.

Duke mentioned that he saw many Jeeps growing up in South Carolina and fell in love with them. He plans to buy a luxury car in the future, possibly a G-wagon, Lamborghini, or another brand he decides on.

Was Duke Dennis’ house robbed?

In 2020, Duke posted footage on social media showing two men breaking into his home while he was streaming the NBA 2K21 game. Some people thought it was a fake robbery until he shared his thoughts about the experience on social media.

Criminal Allegations

In mid-2021, a mugshot image of Duke Dennis went viral on social media, prompting him to address the situation.

Jail Sentence

Duke was only briefly in police custody and was released. The NBA YouTuber admitted that he broke the law, but this happened when he was still in high school. He also stated that he never did anything that would have led to a jail sentence.

Reports suggest that Duke Dennis’ charges are related to his time in the US Army before he became a full-time gaming streamer.

How Did Duke Dennis Get His Dreads?

Duke’s 4B hair type, which is dense and compact, was twisted with gel to create his dreadlocks. Over time, the locks have become tight and puffy. Multiple content creators have made videos about how Duke Dennis got his dreads.


It’s unclear whether Duke Dennis is currently dating as he keeps his love life private. However, fans know that he has been in at least one relationship because he once interviewed his ex-girlfriend, Kali, on his channel.


Sources claim he has six children, but he keeps them out of the public eye. Rumors about Duke Dennis’ children have circulated for a long time, but he has yet to address these claims.


Duke Dennis’ height is 6 feet 2 inches (187.96 cm).