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I Was A Brilliant Student – President Tinubu Tells Nigerians In India


President Bola Tinubu, who is currently attending the G-20 Summit in India, shared some inspiring insights about his academic journey and career progression during an interaction with Nigerian students in India.

The meeting, attended by several Nigerian students studying abroad, provided an opportunity for the President to motivate and encourage them to strive for excellence.

Tinubu emphasized the importance of education as the foundation of his success. He highlighted that he began his journey from humble beginnings, working as a security guard and later as a tutor while excelling academically.

He attributed his significant career growth to his dedication to education and mentioned that he was trained by one of the world’s largest accounting firms, Deloitte, because of his educational background.

“When I joined them, I asked them, do you have branches in Nigeria and they said, ‘we have a lot of clients that will take you, if you want to go home.’ That’s how I got to Exxon Mobil and was a very successful accountant, auditor-general, and treasurer, until I joined politics with a can-do attitude,” President Tinubu said.

President Tinubu encouraged Nigerian students to believe in themselves and aspire to reach the pinnacle of their respective careers. He emphasized that they should embrace dedication, honesty, determination, and a positive mindset to achieve their goals.

He also stressed the importance of unity and diversity in Nigeria, highlighting the country’s rich cultural heritage and potential for prosperity. President Tinubu called on Nigerians to harness this diversity as a powerful tool for national development and the betterment of all citizens.

“We are here to present a new future to you. A future of a country that is so rich, endowed, and highly populated. Very dynamic, unique in its culture, tradition, and ethnicity. That is what will make our prosperity possible, if only we can make use of our diversity for prosperity,” he stated.

Furthermore, President Tinubu revealed that he decided to run for the highest office in the country due to his belief that Nigeria’s leadership and public sector management were holding the nation back from realizing its full potential. He emphasized that Nigeria possesses abundant knowledge and human resources but suffers from management and leadership deficits.

To address these challenges, President Tinubu expressed his commitment to helping reshape the nation’s direction and unlock its full potential. He aspired to create a prosperous future for Nigeria and its citizens.

The meeting also featured contributions from key figures, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Tuggar, who discussed President Tinubu’s foreign policy objectives, which included improving services for Nigerians in the diaspora. Tony Elumelu, Chairman of Heirs Holdings, echoed the sentiment that Nigeria is a prime destination for investment, emphasizing the incredible potential and success of Nigerians worldwide.

In summary, President Bola Tinubu’s interaction with Nigerian students in India offered valuable insights into his academic journey, career path, and vision for Nigeria’s future. His message of determination, the importance of education, and harnessing the nation’s diversity for prosperity resonated with the students and underscored his commitment to Nigeria’s development and progress.

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