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Ian Miles Cheong Biography: All About The Twitter Journalist, Age, Career, Net Worth And Controversy


Ian Miles Cheong, who’s widely recognized as Stillgray, plays a vital role in the realm of worldwide gaming news reporting and writing.

Ian Miles Cheong

However, even though he has a diverse career, his life has seen many controversies. If you want to find out more about these controversies and how they’ve affected Cheong, keep reading.

Ian Miles Cheong Profile Summary

Full NameIan Miles Cheong (Also known as Stillgray)
ProfessionGaming news reporter, journalist, and writer
Notable InvolvementModeration on Reddit, involvement in Gamergate dispute, and active Twitter commentary
Political StanceTransition from “turbo-feminist” to far-right conservative/nationalist viewpoints
ResidenceMalaysia (Initially claimed to be in the U.S.)
Career ControversiesBanned from Reddit in 2012, praised Hitler in old chat logs in 2014
Net WorthNot publicly disclosed, believed to be well off
FamilyLimited information available
AgeDate of birth information is scarce
Twitter Followers(@stillgray) / X

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Ian Miles Cheong’s Biography

Ian Miles Cheong, who also goes by the name Stillgray, is a famous gaming news reporter, journalist, and writer from Malaysia.

He’s been deeply involved in gaming news for a long time and is particularly known for his Twitter commentary. He has gained recognition in right-wing circles by frequently sharing his opinions on U.S. politics.

Before delving into U.S. politics, Cheong made a name for himself as a gaming journalist and played a significant role as a prominent moderator on Reddit.

His involvement in the Gamergate controversy, which erupted in 2014 and involved disputes between mainly male gamers and female game developers, is also worth mentioning.

At the start, Cheong identified as a “turbo-feminist” and staunchly defended female game developers like Zoe Quinn. However, over the years, his political stance gradually shifted towards the far-right.

He now embraces conservative and nationalist viewpoints, which generally include resistance to progressive policies, a strong focus on traditional values, skepticism toward immigration, and a preference for minimal government intervention.

Cheong has also endorsed policies and positions that are considered more radical and situated further to the right on the political spectrum.

However, some Twitter users critical of Cheong began to claim online that he did not actually live in America but, instead, resided on the opposite side of the planet, specifically in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia.

In 2019, Cheong openly referred to living in Malaysia while explaining his skepticism regarding climate change.

This revelation led to trolling and criticism aimed at him, with many users telling him to refrain from interfering in U.S. politics.

Ian Miles Cheong’s Career

Apart from his role as a political commentator on Twitter, Cheong is not known to have pursued any other career. His chosen path has led him into several major controversies.

Ian Miles Cheong

One of the initial controversies arose in 2012 when he was banned from Reddit for promoting his websites on some of the platform’s major subreddits without disclosing the connections.

In 2014, old chat logs resurfaced, revealing Cheong’s praise for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, sparking further controversy.

Cheong responded to the backlash by attributing it to the “toxic gaming community.”

Despite initially defending female game developers during the Gamergate saga, Cheong later switched sides to cater to his growing far-right audience.

Ian Miles Cheong’s Net Worth

Accurate reports on Cheong’s net worth are not available, but he is believed to be well off.

Ian Miles Cheong’s Family

There is limited information available about Cheong’s family.

Ian Miles Cheong’s Age

Details about Cheong’s date of birth are currently scarce.

Ian Miles Cheong’s Twitter

Cheong is an active Twitter user, boasting 731,000 followers as of the time of writing this piece.