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The Tragic Story of Leanne Goggins: Life, Marriage, and Heartbreaking Loss Walton Goggins’s Ex-Wife


Once upon a time, Walton Goggins had it all – a flourishing career in Hollywood and a beautiful wife, Leanne Goggins, by his side. Their love story captured the hearts of many, but it took a tragic turn that left everyone wondering what went wrong.

In this article, we delve into the life of Leanne Goggins, her passion for animals, her marriage to Walton, and the heartbreaking events that followed.

Profile Summary

NameLeanne Goggins
Date of Birth1967
Country of BirthCanada
Death DateNovember 12, 2004
Age at Time of Death37 years old
ParentsPeggy and Arnold Kaun
SiblingsJay (brother)
ProfessionDog Trainer
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourBlue
Waist Size24 inches
Bra Size34 inches
Hip Size32 inches

Leanne Goggins’ Background:

Leanne, born in 1967 in Canada to Arnold Kaun and Peggy, had a challenging childhood. She battled jaundice, which triggered a viral disease that plagued her early years.

Her parents’ financial struggles and her health condition caused her to miss school. Despite these challenges, she managed to complete her education and even pursued pet training.

Leanne’s Passion for Animals:

Leanne’s deep love for animals was evident from a young age, even though her health prevented her from having pets of her own.

As her health improved, she followed her passion and established a successful dog walking business in Hollywood Hills.

She provided top-notch care for the dogs, including a proper diet and adventurous walks, as well as training in various activities.

Leanne and Walton’s Relationship:

Leanne and Walton's Relationship

Leanne’s life took a significant turn when she met Walton Goggins in 2000. Their romance blossomed quickly, leading to marriage in 2001. Leanne moved to Los Angeles, but their happiness didn’t last.

Conflicts and misunderstandings strained their relationship, ultimately leading to their divorce in 2004. The divorce was initiated by Leanne, who wasn’t content with Walton’s busy schedule and her life in Los Angeles.

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The Heartbreaking Loss:

Leanne’s life took a tragic turn after her divorce. Struggling with chronic depression, she handed Walton divorce papers and, just days later, jumped from the 17th floor of a Los Angeles office building on November 12, 2004.

Despite receiving medical treatment, she couldn’t survive her injuries. Her funeral was held on November 29, 2004, and many people, including clients who cherished her care for their dogs, attended. Leanne’s obituary noted her survival by her family, including her ex-husband, Walton Goggins.


The story of Leanne Goggins is one of heartbreak and loss. Her life was marked by resilience and a deep love for animals, which she channeled into a successful business. Her marriage to Walton Goggins, while once filled with love and happiness, ended in tragedy.

Leanne’s struggle with depression ultimately led to her untimely demise, leaving behind a heart-wrenching tale of a life cut short.