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Mariah Bird: Notable American Event Manager Born to Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird


Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird, a renowned former professional basketball player, are the parents of Mariah Bird, a well-known American Event Manager.

Mariah Bird: Notable American Event Manager Born to Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird,

Profile Summary

Full nameMariah Bird
Date of birth1990s
Age32 years old
Sex Female
Famous asLarry Bird’s daughter
Marital statusSingle
Parents Larry Bird, Dinah Mattingly
Grandparents Georgia Bird, Claude Joseph Bird
Aunt Linda Bird Campbell
SiblingsConnor Bird, Corrie Bird
Net worth$950,000

How Old is Mariah Bird Now?

Born in Indianapolis, USA, in 1991, Mariah Bird is currently 31 years old as of 2022.

Mariah Bird’s Educational Background

Mariah , the adopted daughter of the renowned American footballer Larry Bird, graduated from Boston University in Massachusetts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Recreation.


A well-known Event Manager, Mariah works with Pacers Sports & Entertainment. Her love for dancing and cheering led her to become a cheerleader for PS&E, where she organizes cheering, dancing, and chanting to support the team during competitions. In her role as the event manager, Mariah takes charge of all event activities, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Relationship Status

There’s no public record of Mariah being in a relationship. If she is involved romantically, she has kept it private.

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Ongoing research aims to uncover any details about her romantic life. As it stands, Mariah is believed to be currently not in any romantic affairs.

Mariah Bird’s Height

Bird has a height of 175cm and weighs 76 kg.

Mariah Bird’s Net Worth

As an event manager, Mariah earns an average annual income of $80,473, with an estimated net worth exceeding $950,000. She currently resides in a house valued at $2.35 million, a property built by her father, Larry Bird.