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Nikiwe Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers


Nikiwe Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers: Get ready for the thrilling debut of ‘Nikiwe’ on! The much-anticipated premiere is scheduled for April 17, 2023, at 6:30 pm. This exciting show is brought to you by Thomas Gumede and Lungile Radebe from Parental Advisory Productions and is set to take over from Durban Gen.

As we eagerly await the premiere, let’s delve into what we already know about ‘Nikiwe’ – its complete story, plot summary, episodes, cast, and teasers.

Prepare yourself for a captivating storyline filled with unexpected twists that are bound to keep you glued to your screen. Don’t miss out on the excitement, drama, and suspense!”

Nikiwe Starlife Full Story

“Picture this: You inherit a colossal fortune, gaining unparalleled influence, only to see it snatched away by your own family. This story delves into the realms of blood ties, authority, and deceit, unraveling the complexities of being ‘hood-rich.’

Nikiwe’s existence has been a tapestry of opulence and boundless affluence. However, her world crumbles when everything is cruelly stripped away. Now, she must summon newfound strength to reclaim what rightfully belongs to her. Can Nikiwe rise above the constant betrayals of her own family and reclaim her throne? The unfolding saga explores resilience, loyalty, and the struggle to regain one’s place in a world fraught with betrayal.”

Nikiwe Profile Summary

SettingWealthy lifestyle, family dynamics
GenreDrama, Family, Betrayal
ThemePower, Betrayal, Strength, Family
Plot SummaryNikiwe enjoys a life of opulence due to a significant inheritance but loses it when her family turns against her. The story follows her journey to regain her lost wealth and rightful place, all while dealing with constant family betrayals.
Character DevelopmentNikiwe’s character evolves as she becomes stronger and more determined to reclaim what was taken from her.

Nikiwe: Cast/ Real Name / Pictures:

Lungelo Mpangase as Nikiwe Radebe

Lungelo Mpangase Profile Summary

NameLungelo Mpangase
Date of BirthOctober 26, 1995
NationalitySouth African
ProfessionTelevision Actress
Notable RoleNikiwe in a South African TV show

Lungelo Mpangase Career

“Lungelo Mpangase, born on October 26, 1995, is a renowned television actress from South Africa. In the show, she takes on the role of Nikiwe, the eldest child and the prospective leader of her family’s business. Despite Nikiwe’s warm and friendly socialite persona, her life unravels when a tragic event befalls her family, resulting in her losing everything.”

Muzi Mthabela as Themba ‘’Bhungane’’ Radebe

Muzi Mthabela Profile Summary

NameMuzi Mthabela
OccupationActor and Motivational Speaker
OriginSouth Africa
Acting Career Start1999
Current Age46 years old
Notable RoleLeader of the Radebe clan in the show “Nikiwe”

Muzi Mthabela Career

“Muzi, a talented actor and motivational speaker from South Africa, embarked on his acting journey in 1999. In the TV show ‘Nikiwe,’ the 46-year-old Muzi assumes the role of the leader of the Radebe clan, residing in Diepkloof Extension. Widely acknowledged as a successful businessman, he harbors ambitious aspirations to become the leading entrepreneur in Soweto.”

Zandi Nhlapo as Miriam Radebe

Zandi Nhlapo Profile Summary

NameZandi Nhlapo
Years in ActingOver twenty years
RecognitionOne of South Africa’s most talented performers
Role in “Nikiwe”Nikiwe’s mother and Bhungane’s wife
Notable Shows– Eastern Mosaic <br> – Man 2 Man <br> – Midday Breeze <br> – Continuity

Zandi Nhlapo Career

“Zandi has been an actress for over twenty years and is widely acknowledged as one of South Africa’s most talented performers. In the show, she plays a crucial role as Nikiwe’s mother and Bhungane’s wife. Nhlapo has also appeared in other shows like Eastern Mosaic, Man 2 Man, Midday Breeze, and Continuity.”

Craig Nobela as Menzi

Craig Nobela Profile Summary

AgeNameRoleNotable Shows
22NobelaNikiwe’s Younger BrotherThe Queen, Nkosiyabo, Silindokuhle Tshabalala

Craig Nobela Career

“At 22 years old, Nobela has built a successful acting career. He takes on the role of Nikiwe’s younger brother in the show and has also made appearances in popular shows such as ‘The Queen’ and ‘Nkosiyabo,’ where he portrayed the character of Mandisa in ‘Silindokuhle Tshabalala.'”

Silindokuhle Tshabalala as Mandisa

Tshabalala Profile Summary

Role in SeriesNikiwe’s sister
TalentChosen for her natural talent
Acting ExperienceSecond job as an actress

Tshabalala Career

“Tshabalala earned a role in the series as Nikiwe’s sister due to her natural talent. This marks her second job as an actress.”

Clementine Mosimane as Masibisi

Clementine Mosimane Profile Summary

Character NameMasibisi
BackstoryReleased from prison after a 15-year sentence for a crime her son committed
Roles in SeriesNikiwe’s grandmother and Bhungane’s mother

Clementine Mosimane Career

“Masibisi’s story begins when she is released from prison after serving a 15-year sentence for a crime her son committed. In the series, she portrays the roles of Nikiwe’s grandmother and Bhungane’s mother.”

The show has a recurring cast that includes:

  • Lorcia Cooper as Mimmie Cooper
  • Kenneth Nkosi as Uncle Skeitla
  • Liopelo Maphate as Dimakatso Sikhosana
  • Soso Rungqu as Lulu Ngebulana
  • Akhona Ndlovu as Ntsika Ngebulana
  • Neo Iman Mothae as MaDlamini
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