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Naagin Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers


Naagin Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers: “Naagin” is a TV show on TV3, and it’s all about a female serpent, which is what “Naagin” means in Hindu. This series is packed with supernatural, thrilling, and fantasy elements.

It’s made in India and in Hindi. Ekta Kapoor created it, and Balaji Telefilms produced it. There are a total of five seasons.”

Naagin Summary

In “Naagin,” the storyline revolves around women with the ability to transform into snakes seeking revenge for past injustices. Across the seasons, these snake women engage in battles against evil forces to safeguard the precious ‘Naagmani,’ the ultimate source of power, from falling into the wrong hands.

In the plot of “Naagin 3,” Ruhi and Vikrant have plans to get married, but their intentions are thwarted by Yuvraj and his friends.

Naagin Profile Summary

SeasonFirst AiredLast Aired
1November 1, 2015June 5, 2016
2October 8, 2016June, 2017
3June 2, 2018May 26, 2019
4December 14, 2019August, 2020
5August, 2020February, 2021

Naagin: Cast/ Real Name / Pictures:

1. Mouni Roy as Shivangi Pratap Singh

Shivangi falls in love with Rocky, who is Yamani’s nephew. Despite facing danger, she skillfully avoids getting harmed and even survives a suicide attempt.

2. Sudha Chandran as Yamini Raheja

Yamini, Ankush’s wife, falsely accuses Shivanya of killing Ankush in an attempt to manipulate Ritik into seeking revenge for his father’s death. In a shocking turn of events, Yamini goes to the extreme and tragically ends up killing her own son, Ritik, because he tries to return the Naagmani.

3. Pearl Puri

Mahir Sehgal and Bela tied the knot and shared a romantic kiss. However, their happiness was short-lived when Mahir lost his memory. To complicate matters, Sumitra bit him, causing him to forget about Bela.

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