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Smoke & Mirrors Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers


Smoke & Mirrors Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers: Get ready for an exciting new South African soapie, “Smoke & Mirrors,” coming to your screens on April 17, 2023, at 9:00 p.m. It will premiere right after the finale of “Imbewu” on

The story follows Thandiswa, a determined person who is on a mission to expose the shady dealings of three guys in the small mining town of Emnyameni. Join Thandiswa on her journey to uncover the truth in this thrilling new series!

Smoke & Mirrors full story

Meet Thandiswa, a resident of the small mining town Emnyameni. By day, she’s a skilled hairdresser, but by night, she takes on a different role as an escort. Thandiswa is on a mission to expose three notorious individuals known as The Unholy Trinity – Caesar, Mthetho, and Jaxon.

Caesar, the mastermind, is a powerful businessman unafraid to get his hands dirty for his desires. Mthetho, the town’s police commissioner, leads a double life that is bound to catch up with him. Jaxon, the flashy mayor, spends money recklessly.

Despite her dual life as an escort and a hairdresser, Thandiswa is also a devoted mother to her intelligent teenage son, Mpendulo Mseleku. Her determination is unwavering as she sets out to dismantle The Unholy Trinity and bring positive change to the town. To discover more about the unfolding drama, catch the trailer for the show “Smoke & Mirrors” on

Smoke & Mirrors plot summary

“Smoke & Mirrors” takes center stage in Emnyameni, a small town dominated by the mining industry. Within this setting, powerful individuals wield significant influence over the town. Against this backdrop, a determined single mother steps into the spotlight, ready to unveil concealed wrongdoing. Loyiso Maqoma, the show’s creator, introduces us to this captivating storyline, promising a narrative that explores the intricate dynamics of power, secrets, and the unwavering resilience of a strong-willed protagonist. Brace yourself for a tale that delves deep into the complexities of a community overshadowed by influential figures and the courage of those who dare to challenge the status quo.

Smoke & Mirrors Profile Summary

CharacterOccupationRole in the Story
ThandiswaHairdresser, Escort, MotherProtagonist determined to expose The Unholy Trinity and make the town a better place.
Mpendulo MselekuThandiswa’s smart teenage sonSupporting character, Thandiswa’s son.
CaesarPowerful businessmanMastermind of The Unholy Trinity, willing to do anything to achieve his goals.
MthathoPolice CommissionerPart of The Unholy Trinity, leading a double life that will eventually catch up with him.
JaxonMayor of the townThird member of The Unholy Trinity, spends money recklessly.
The Unholy TrinityN/AA group of three antagonists that Thandiswa is determined to expose.
TV ShowSmoke & Mirrors” on e.tvThe name of the TV show where the story unfolds.

Smoke & Mirrors: Cast/ Real Name / Pictures:

Ayanda Bandla as Thandiswa Mseleku

Ayanda Bandla Profile Summary

NameAyanda Bandla
RoleThandiswa in Smoke & Mirrors
EducationBA in Political Sciences with a focus on International Relations
Alma MaterUniversity of Pretoria
Notable Roles– Lakhe Amon in uBettina Wethu
– Other appearances in Vutha, Single Galz, Nqobile, Lavish, Identity

Ayanda Bandla Career

Actress Ayanda Bandla takes on the role of Thandiswa, the main female character in the show “Smoke & Mirrors.” Holding a BA in Political Sciences with a focus on International Relations from the University of Pretoria, Ayanda brings depth to her portrayal.

You might also recognize her from her previous role as Lakhe Amon in “uBettina Wethu,” showcasing her versatility. Ayanda has made appearances in other notable shows, including “Vutha,” “Single Galz,” “Nqobile,” “Lavish,” and “Identity.” Her diverse acting portfolio highlights her talent and presence in the South African television landscape. Get ready to witness Ayanda Bandla’s compelling performance as Thandiswa in the intriguing world of “Smoke & Mirrors.”

Zolisa Xaluva as Caesar

Zolisa Xaluva Profile Summary

NameZoliza Xaluva
ShowSmoke & Mirrors
Role in the ShowMain antagonist, leader of The Unholy Trinity
Other Notable Roles– Jason in Generations
– Diamond Mabuza in The Queen
– Mogotsi Masire in Kings of Jo’burg
– Melusi in Gomora

Zoliza Xaluva Career

The seasoned actor Zoliza Xaluva takes on the role of Caesar, the main antagonist and leader of The Unholy Trinity in “Smoke & Mirrors.” With a wealth of experience, Zolisa is well-known for his versatile performances in various roles.

You might recognize him as Jason in “Generations,” Diamond Mabuza in “The Queen,” Mogotsi Masire in “Kings of Jo’burg,” and Melusi in “Gomora.” Zoliza Xaluva’s impressive repertoire of roles showcases his talent and ability to bring depth to diverse characters. Brace yourself for his compelling portrayal of Caesar, adding a layer of intensity to the gripping narrative of “Smoke & Mirrors.”

Meshack Mavuso – Magabane as Jaxon

Meshack Mavuso – Magabane Profile Summary

NameMavuso Magabane
Role in the ShowStylish mayor
Other Notable Roles– Vusi Moletsane in Isindigo
– Javas in Yizo Yizo
– Thabo Dlamini in Durban Gen
– Kero in Isithembiso

Mavuso Magabane Career

Mavuso Magabane brings style and charisma to the character Jaxon, the stylish mayor of Emnyameni, in “Smoke & Mirrors.” This accomplished actor is recognized for his diverse roles, showcasing his talent across different productions.

You may be familiar with Mavuso Magabane from his roles such as Vusi Moletsane in “Isindigo,” Javas in “Yizo Yizo,” Thabo Dlamini in “Durban Gen,” and Kero in “Isithembiso.” His ability to embody various characters adds depth and intrigue to the unfolding drama of “Smoke & Mirrors.” Get ready to witness Mavuso Magabane’s captivating performance as Jaxon in this stylish and thrilling South African soapie.


Kabomo Vilakazi as Mthetho

Khayalethu Xaba as Mpendulo Mseleku

Lusanda Mbane as Martha

Angela Sithole as Nthabiseng

Siyabonga Raymond Sepotokele as Sakhile

Charmaine Mtinta as Nomeva

Zinhle Mabena as Virginia

JT Medupe as Leeroy

Herald Khumalo as Mandla

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