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No Man’s Land: We’ll Make Laws To Protect Lagos Indigenes – Obasa


The indigenous people of Lagos State will soon have their interests protected by laws passed by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

In his acceptance address following his reelection as speaker of the house, Mudashiru Obasa revealed this.

Laws passed by the legislature would be translated into the Yoruba language, according to Obasa, who added that lawmakers would do whatever it took to safeguard the state’s indigenous population, even if it meant overturning an existing law.

“Lagos is a Yoruba land as against the assertions of some people that it is a no man’s land.

Therefore, part of our legislative agenda is to ensure the translation of laws passed by this House to the Yoruba Language. We also aim at achieving our collective goals of creating a robust legislative framework that protects the interest of our people.

Going forward in this wise, we are going to employ all legislative instruments for the support of the indigenes of Lagos. There would be laws and resolutions in the areas of economy and commerce, property and titles,” Obasa said

Obasa’s comment is coming in the wake of the recent controversy on who the real owners of the Lagos state are.

Recall that in the build-up to the February and March elections in Lagos, there were divisive statements made on and off social concerning Lagos politics.