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O.J Simpson Net Worth: NFL Ascension The Breakthrough With The Buffalo Bills in 1969


O.J Simpson, the American football player, sports commentator, and actor, currently holds a net worth of $3 million.

O.J. Simpson Net Worth: NFL Ascension The Breakthrough With The Buffalo Bills in 1969

His notoriety extends beyond his achievements in sports and entertainment, as he became a convicted criminal following a robbery/kidnapping incident in Las Vegas in 2007. Simpson was also deemed financially responsible for the death of Ronald Goldman.

In 1995, Simpson faced criminal charges for the murders of Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, resulting in a not guilty verdict.

However, in the subsequent civil case related to Ron Goldman‘s death, he was ordered to pay the Goldman family $33.5 million in damages.

This amount has now exceeded $40 million with accumulated interest, with approximately $500,000 paid through the sale of various assets and memorabilia.

Currently, O.J Simpson’s primary source of income is a fully-funded NFL pension, reportedly valued at up to $5 million. State law safeguards this pension from being claimed by the Goldman family.

As of June 2023, O.J. Simpson maintains an active presence on Twitter, boasting over 880,000 followers. He regularly communicates with his audience, predominantly through video updates on the platform.

OJ Simpson Net Worth 2023

Net Worth$6 Million
Annual Income$420,000
Highest Net Worth$38 Million
Netflix Income$1 Million
NFL Pension$25k per month

Early Life

O.J. Simpson’s journey began in San Francisco, California, on July 9, 1947. Raised by Eunice, a hospital administrator, and Jimmy Lee Simpson, a chef and bank custodian, O.J. faced a challenging childhood.

His parents separated in 1952, and O.J. was primarily raised by his mother. In his early teens, he briefly joined the street gang “The Persian Warriors” and faced a stint in a juvenile detention center.

However, a chance encounter with baseball star Willie Mays motivated him to turn his life around.

NFL Career

O.J. Simpson’s NFL career took off when he joined the Buffalo Bills in 1969 as a number-one draft pick.

The negotiations for his $650,000 contract became a historic moment in sports. Initially facing struggles, he achieved remarkable success, becoming the first NFL player to rush for over two thousand yards in a single season in 1973.

After a notable career with the Bills, he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in 1978. Simpson’s football legacy includes six Pro Bowls and induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

NFL Earnings

O.J. demanded a groundbreaking 5-year, $650,000 contract with the Bills, setting a record in professional sports history. Adjusted for inflation, this contract would be equivalent to approximately $4.5 million today.


O.J.’s nickname “Juice” derived from his initials, with a playful nod to “orange juice.” The Bills’ offensive line, known as “The Electric Company,” further highlighted his powerful presence during his peak years.

Entertainment Career

Beyond football, O.J. Simpson ventured into acting, producing, and commercial endorsements. His acting career included films like “The Klansman” and “The Naked Gun” series. He also served as a spokesman for Hertz car rental and was a commentator for Monday Night Football on ABC.

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Personal Life

O.J.’s personal life involved marriages to Marguerite Whitley and later Nicole Brown. Tragedy struck in 1979 when Aaren, O.J.’s daughter with Marguerite, drowned. His tumultuous relationship with Nicole led to a highly publicized divorce in 1992, marked by allegations of spousal abuse.

Murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman

The infamous 1994 murder trial cast a shadow over O.J.’s life. Accused of murdering Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, Simpson faced a highly publicized trial, resulting in a controversial not guilty verdict in 1995. A subsequent civil trial found him liable for the deaths, ordering a $33.5 million payment to the victims’ families.

Subsequent Arrest

In 2007, Simpson faced legal trouble again, leading to a conviction for multiple felonies related to sports memorabilia. Serving a 33-year sentence, he was granted parole in 2017.

Pension Money

O.J. began receiving an NFL pension at age 65, accumulating approximately $602,000 during his prison term. Reports suggest he holds additional pensions, making his total pension income off-limits to legal claims.

Net Worth in Years

OJ Simpson Net Worth 2023$6 Million
OJ Simpson Net Worth in 2010$100
OJ Simpson Net Worth in 2000$3 Million
OJ Simpson Net Worth in 1990$15 Million
OJ Simpson Net Worth in 1980$38 Million
OJ Simpson Net Worth in 1970$200,000

Wealth Overview

O.J.’s wealth soared during his NFL career but plummeted post-retirement due to gambling and extravagant expenses. By the early 2000s, his net worth had dwindled to $3 million, marked by evictions and financial struggles. Legal battles and back taxes further contributed to his financial woes.

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