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OMG!!! Popular ImamofPeace On Twitter Tears Buhari Apart… With These Tweets!


Mohammad Tawhidi popular known as ImamofPeace on twitter has a lot to say as he ripped some government but mostly the Nigerian Government apart.

The Imam of peace took his time to shred President Muhammadu Buhari as he literally calls him the dumbest person in Nigeria and that he can’t even pronounce he promises to fight terrorist yet he can’t even pronounce The Covid 19.

He also made it know that he isn’t against Nigerians but the leader. And the people that supports him. Stating that every now and often he calls out names of terrorist in Nigeria and Buhari sweeps it under the rug. Also, mildly insinuating that Buhari might have a hand in the terrorist attacks.

He also talked about Imran Khan and Labelled him a Professional beggar and sympathizer, And Tamim of Qatar tagging him a Mummy’s little boy who thinks he is Sexy.

See Screenshot Of His Tweet Below;