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Reno Omokri Reacts To Obedient Supporters Condemning Kastina People For Welcoming Ex-President Buhari


Ex-Aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has call out Peter Obi’s supporters for condemning the manner of which former President Buhari was welcome back home by the Kastina people.

He stated:

“Castigating Katsina people for celebrating General Buhari shows the mental laziness and double standards of some of us.”

“Anambra had the most extrajudicial killings under Peter Obi. Research it. Hundreds of young Anambra males were killed, and their bodies were dumped in the Ezu River under Obi.”

“Yet, Anambra people still celebrate Peter Obi, who saved their money in his personal bank to earn interest for him rather than build infrastructure for them.”

“They not only celebrated Obi, but they also gave him an astonishing 97% of their votes during #NigerianElections2023.”

“If we did not condemn that, why are we acting like Katsina people are intellectually inferior for celebrating a man who built more infrastructure for them than anyone living or dead”

“Buhari built universities, railways, roads, hospitals, and other projects in Katsina. Name just one school Obi built in Anambra. If you can’t, then what do we call you”