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Oyo State Governor Take Responsibility For Holding Rally Despite Coronavirus Crisis


Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde has reacted after he received backlash for pulling a crowd when he organised a rally in his state amid the coronavirus crisis.

Makinde said the rally was held based on information they had at the time but that he now realizes that it’s a lapse in judgement as more about the COVID-19 has come to light in the past two days.

“I feel obligated to state in clear terms that we acted based on the information we had at that time. In retrospect, it should not have happened and I take responsibility for that lapse in judgement,” he tweeted.

He added that he is working to “take proactive measures to prevent the spread of this virus” and he assured  Oyo state residents not to “give in to any form of panic.”

Read his full statement below.