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People Thought I Would End Up As Drug Addict – Blaqbonez


Nigerian rapper,  Emeka Akumefule popularly known as Blaqbonez has opened up on his greatest fear when he started off as a rapper

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the rapper said that most people thought he would end up like his uncle who was formerly a rapper but ended up as a drug addict.


According to him, the fear of becoming like his uncle gave him the strength to prove them right.

He said: “Had an uncle that used to rap, didn’t happen for him, he then got hooked on drugs, from rehab to rehab till he ended up in the village when I started rapping everyone thought I would end up like that but boy did it turn out soooo different. I stay proving them wrong.

“They used to say ‘I see the spirit of uncle *** inside him”’and it used to hurt me soooooo bad, it then built a serious fear and anxiety in me, in everything I did, cos I constantly thought “what if they’re true?’”

In a Twitter post on August 2021, the 25-year-old revealed that being in the university made him feel like a failure which led to his depression.

“I can’t believe I was almost depressed in the University because their engineering shit was killing me, all I wanted to do was rap. University made me feel like a failure, niggas were getting A’s and the future looking bright, I was dropping mixtapes and hoping not just okay would post it.

“I’m really grateful for how far I’ve come. I don’t know who would have been taking care of my mum if this music did not work out for me,
” he wrote.

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