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Why My Twitter Account Was Taken Away – Burna Boy


Burna Boy, the acclaimed Afrobeats singer, recently shed light on the reason behind his management’s decision to limit his access to his X account.

The musician shared that his management team had chosen to enforce these restrictions to shield him from the often harsh and disrespectful environment of the platform, as he himself possesses zero tolerance for such behavior.

During an interview on Kiss Fresh FM, Burna Boy elaborated on the matter, expressing that the situation could become intense if he were granted full control over his X account.

This measure is an attempt to maintain a more controlled and positive online presence for the artist, safeguarding him from any potential negativity or conflicts that could arise on the platform.

Afrobeats singer Burna Boy has revealed why his management did not grant him access to his X account.

The singer explained that his management team restricts his access to X to protect him from the constant harsh environment of the platform, as he has zero tolerance for disrespect.

Speaking on Kiss Fresh FM, Burna said things would get quite intense if he were to have control of his account.

In a now-trending video on the Internet, he said: “If I had access to my account, everywhere would be shaking every day. The ground will be elevated based on my feelings and I don’t like disrespect.

“They always try to disrespect me on the internet. So, my team don’t let me at them. If not, then the ground will elevate. I will spend too much time there; honestly, I will spend a lot of time there.”