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The Hidden Facts Behind Selena Gomez Plastic Surgeries, Nose Surgery, Breast Implant, Teeth Surgery


selena gomez boobs: For a few years now, there have been rumors swirling around the internet about Selena Gomez possibly having plastic surgery. Many questions have arisen, wondering if the star secretly underwent enhancement surgery.

The Hidden Facts Behind Selena Gomez Plastic Surgeries, Nose Surgery, Breast Implant, Teeth Surgery

The speculation about Gomez and the surgery has been strong enough to affect her life. However, until recently, there was no definite answer about whether the star had indeed undergone surgery.

There’s no denying that Selena Gomez is a highly popular figure whom people love to discuss. As evidence of her popularity, a documentary about the singer was released in late 2022. Given her fame, it’s understandable that Selena is also quite busy with her cosmetic line and brand partnerships.

Selena’s brand, Rare Beauty, has made a significant impact on the beauty industry. However, with great attention comes a fair share of criticism.

So, did Selena Gomez really have plastic surgery? Let’s delve into the speculation surrounding the star’s alleged cosmetic procedures.

Updated on September 13th, 2023: Recently, there has been speculation that Selena Gomez also underwent ‘fox eye surgery.’ These rumors began circulating after a side-by-side picture of Selena’s close-ups was shared on Instagram by the account @plasticne. One picture was from 2016, while the other was from 2023.

Some people noticed a difference in how Selena’s eyes looked in the pictures. However, many fans defended the singer, claiming that it’s just a natural result of aging, and there’s no evidence of surgical alteration.

“I see no plastic here,” commented one fan. “I see age, weight gain, and steroid side effects. None of these are anything to be hated on or called out for! All very natural and realistic parts of being human!” they concluded.

Did Selena Gomez Have Plastic Surgery?

Fans on Twitter have been speculating about the actress’s surgery rumors as they wonder why she looks so different. One user wrote, “Did Selena Gomez get plastic surgery or something? She looks so different. Not ‘growing up’ different, but different different.

Selena Gomez

Inquiries, criticism, and speculation are precisely what Selena is currently facing after photos of her collaboration with La’Mariette swimwear were officially released.

Her followers are going out of their way to question Selena if she had plastic surgery. Specifically, there are many questions about her breast enhancement surgery. Online celebrity media outlets have also reported that, according to experts, the ‘Lose You to Love Me’ singer did indeed get breast enhancement surgery.

The photos of her swimwear collaboration with the La’Mariette capsule collection are undoubtedly remarkable, and fans on Twitter almost entirely agree that Selena looks stunning. However, as fans appreciate how marvelous she looks in the photos, thousands are also speculating about the star’s surgery. One user tweeted, “Looks like Selena Gomez has breast implants.”

Did Selena Gomez Get Breast Implants?

selena gomez boobs: While many of her fans wonder why her breasts appear larger, some even claim Selena was giving off Nicki Minaj’s vibes. However, the majority of fans were wowed by how stunning she looked. Selena Gomez has been the subject of speculation about her enhancements before; fans speculated in 2014 that the then 22-year-old actress had undergone breast augmentation, and the speculation about plastic surgery continues into 2023.

Selena Gomez  Breast Implants

This came after images of her wearing a low-cut shirt were leaked. Following this, inside sources told the magazine that they were nothing more than baseless rumors.

In 2018, after removing her most-liked post on Instagram, reports of Selena getting work done resurfaced yet again. The star was wearing a low-cut dress and holding a drink in the two photos. Most of the comments on the post and afterward on Twitter focused on the fact that Selena’s breasts appeared to be much larger than they had been before.

Two plastic surgery specialists spoke to Life & Style Magazine that same year regarding the possibility of Selena having modifications. Dr. Manish Shah and Dr. Normal M. Rowe said there was a good chance she got a breast job. Even though none of them had ever treated Selena, they seemed to believe it was quite clear that the actress had some treatment done. However, they did not think that she had undergone extensive facial surgery, which has been a topic of debate among her supporters.

What Did Selena Gomez Do To Her Teeth?

Selena Gomez is well-known for her lovely smile. However, a few years ago, her front teeth had some distinctive features. The middle front part was slightly shorter than the side part, and there was a slight unevenness in the coloring of her teeth, although not severe.

Selena Gomez  Teeth Sugery

Selena had her teeth reshaped a bit at first, and it seemed like she wasn’t satisfied with their original color and shape. Now her teeth are whiter. In summary, the actress had minor issues with the shape and color of her front teeth, so she initially got them reshaped and then proceeded to whiten them.

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Has Selena Gomez Had A Nose Job?

selena gomez boobs: Plastic surgery vlogger Lorry Hill believes that Selena had buccal fat removal. The buccal area is right below a person’s cheekbones, and sometimes, fat can be stored there, especially in people with a compact face like the singer has. Now her cheeks look more defined, and they have an upward sweep.

Selena Gomez  Nose job1`

Another debated feature is Selena’s nose, which appears more narrow overall. Hill speculates that she had her nose refined. The vlogger says, “she didn’t need a nose job, but it really refined her nose, and it looks a lot more sculpted.”

Throughout all the speculation, Gomez has never publicly confirmed whether she has undergone plastic surgery. Instead, she focuses on promoting body positivity and being open about her battle with Lupus disease and how it affects her weight. The frequent weight fluctuations may be the reason behind the rumors of plastic surgery. The singer and actress continue to stand against body-shaming and choose to be confident in herself and her body.