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Sommer Ray Everything To Know About The Celebrity With Her New Big Ass


Sommer Ray: It’s not just exercise that does the trick! There’s another key factor that keeps her butt looking Instagram-worthy.

Sommer Ray Everything To Know About The Celebrity With Big Botty

The Instagram model doesn’t hold back when it comes to flaunting her body on social media. In fact, she’s made quite a name for herself as an influencer and built an entire brand around it.

Sommer Ray Profile Summary

NameSommer Ray
Claim to FameKnown for her curvaceous behind and social media presence
BackgroundGrew up on a ranch in the remote areas of Colorado
Early LifeRaised chickens in 4-H, excelled in it, and was a rodeo princess
FamilySister introduced her to modeling; her mom, Shannon Ray, is incredibly fit for her age
Fitness EnthusiastDedicated to a healthy lifestyle and natural body sculpting
Activewear BrandOwns a fitness activewear brand
Butt EnhancementAchieves a natural butt lift using high-quality activewear
Butt Lift ShortsCreated a line of “Butt Lift” shorts to sculpt and lift the bum

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From Farm Girl to Social Media Star

Before becoming a sensation on Instagram and YouTube, Ray had a different life as a farm girl. In an interview with Forbes, she revealed that she grew up on a ranch in the remote areas of Colorado.

“I raised chickens in 4-H. I was really good at it! I earned all blue ribbons. I was a rodeo princess. I’m a true country girl, not a phony one. When I go to Country Jam in my cowboy boots, people often say, ‘She’s not for real.’ But I was in 4-H!”

Sommer Ray Nude Ass

Sommer Ray Everything To Know About The Celebrity With Big Botty

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sommer’s modeling journey began because her sister had a photographer friend who used to do photoshoots at their ranch. But it turns out her sister isn’t the only one with modeling potential. Her mom, Shannon Ray, is incredibly fit for her age.

Sommer Ray And Her Mom

“I’m not just your typical mom; I’m a cool mom,” Shannon playfully says in one of their Instagram videos.

We can definitely agree with that! Shannon is already 56 years old but looks so good that she could easily pass as Sommer’s older sister, don’t you think? It’s clear that her mom passed down some fantastic genes since Sommer’s curves are all-natural.

Unlike other Instagram models, Sommer takes pride in working very hard to sculpt her body. She’s a dedicated exerciser and encourages her fans and followers to adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve their bodies naturally.

But in addition to all of this, there’s another secret to achieving a great-looking butt – keep scrolling to find out!

Sommer Ray Shaking Ass [Video]

Sommer enhances her plump booty naturally by wearing well-made activewear. It’s a natural lift that can only be achieved with high-quality activewear.

As a fitness model with her own activewear brand, she knows how to complement her figure. She’s even created a line of shorts aptly named “Butt Lift” shorts that help sculpt and lift your bum. The result? A booty that resembles the peach emoji!

So, if you’ve ever wished for a little lift in that department, head over to Sommer’s shop and grab some sexy, sculpting booty shorts!