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Thelma Riley Biography: The Untold Tale of Ozzy Osbourne’s Ex-Wife Beyond The Osbournes


Thelma Riley gained prominence through her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne, the lead vocalist of the iconic heavy metal band Black Sabbath, which sold over 100 million albums in the 1970s.

Thelma Riley Biography: The Untold Tale of Ozzy Osbourne's Ex-Wife Beyond The Osbournes

Despite the highs and lows in his career and marriage, Ozzy Osbourne continues to be recognized as a legendary figure in the realm of music.

Thelma Riley Profile summary

Full nameThelma Mayfair Riley
Date of birth17 May 1954
Age69 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthBirmingham, England
Current residenceLeicestershire, England
Height5’6″ (162 cm)
Weight136 lbs (62 kgs)
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourDark brown
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-husbandOzzy Osbourne
Net worth$1 million

Who is Thelma Riley?

Born Thelma Mayfair Riley, also known as Thelma Osbourne, she hails from Birmingham, England, and is renowned as Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife.

Date of Birth

Thelma Riley was born on 17 May 1954, making her 69 years old in 2023, with Taurus as her zodiac sign.

Claim to Fame

While Thelma is an English teacher in Leicestershire, England, her fame skyrocketed due to her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne. Their divorce, fueled by Ozzy’s struggles with drugs and allegations of abuse, became a headline-grabber.

How Did Thelma Meet Ozzy?

The two lovebirds met in 1971 at the Rum Runner nightclub in Birmingham, where Thelma worked as a waitress. Ozzy, 22 at the time, and on the brink of musical success, swept her off her feet.

Marriage and Duration

Ozzy and Thelma were married for eleven years, from 1971 to 1982, during which they had two children. The marriage faced challenges due to Ozzy’s substance abuse and hectic touring schedule with Black Sabbath.

Divorce and Ozzy’s Admission

The union ended in divorce in 1982, with Thelma citing Ozzy’s drug addiction and abusive behavior. Ozzy, in his autobiography and a documentary, admitted his faults, acknowledging the toll his lifestyle took on family life.

Ozzy’s Second Marriage

After the divorce, Ozzy married Sharon Arden in 1982, with whom he had three children—Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

Children with Thelma

Ozzy and Thelma have two children together: Jessica Starshine (born 1972) and Louis (born 1975). Ozzy also adopted Thelma’s first child, Elliot Kingsley.

Life Beyond Marriage

Thelma Riley stepped out of the spotlight after the divorce, taking the name Thelma Maryflair. She currently resides in Leicestershire, England, focusing on her teaching career and leading educational tours.

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Thelma is a proud grandmother to five children—Elijah and Maia (Louis’ children) and Harry, Isabelle, and Kitty (Jessica’s children).

Where is Thelma Riley Now?

Thelma is actively living her life in Leicestershire, enjoying time with her family, organizing house parties, and indulging in her interests. While she is not on social media, her vibrant life continues.

Is Thelma Riley Alive?

Yes, Thelma is alive and well, relishing moments with loved ones, and showcasing her zest for life through various activities.

Dive into the captivating life of Thelma Riley, a woman whose journey goes far beyond her connection to a rockstar, creating a legacy of resilience, family, and personal triumphs.