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Rose Swisher: All You Need About Bill Russell’s Ex-wife Whose Death Still Remains A Mystery


Rose Swisher Is The Ex- Wife of Bill Russell is a well-known name in the world of sports. He’s famous for his impressive achievements on the basketball court. But there’s a lesser-known part of his life that not many people are aware of – his marriage to Rose Swisher.

Rose Swisher is an interesting figure who was once married to the legendary NBA player. However, after their marriage ended, she chose to step away from the public eye. The details of what happened to her after their marriage are still a mystery.

Rose Swisher Profile Summary

Full NameRose Swisher
Date of BirthDecember 27, 1936
Date of PassingSeptember 11, 2014
Marital StatusFormerly married to Bill Russell
CareerModel and photographer (before marriage to Bill Russell)
EducationGraduated with a nursing degree from the University of San Francisco
Net WorthLimited information available, but her ex-husband Bill Russell had a net worth of $10 million
Family BackgroundLimited information available; primarily known as the first ex-wife of Bill Russell

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Rose Swisher Biography

Rose Swisher, born on December 27, 1936, and passing away on September 11, 2014, was the first wife of the basketball icon, Bill Russell.

She had roles as a model and photographer, but she mainly became known because of her connection to her famous husband. After their marriage ended, she became less visible in the public eye.

Even though she was married to one of the NBA’s most respected and well-known players, Rose Swisher preferred to keep a low profile. She valued her privacy, which is why there’s not much information available about her personal life.

Details about her parents, siblings, and broader family background are mostly absent from media sources. However, records show that she graduated with a nursing degree from the University of San Francisco.

Rose Swisher’s Career

Before marrying the late NBA star, Rose Swisher reportedly pursued a career as a model and photographer.

Rose Swisher’s Net Worth

There isn’t much information available about Rose Swisher’s net worth. However, reports suggest that her ex-husband, Bill Russell, had a net worth of $10 million before his passing.

Rose Swisher’s Family

Information about Rose Swisher’s family is also limited. She is primarily known as the first ex-wife of Bill Russell.